The Pop Chart Kicks Off This Sunday

Get ready for some chart action!

Sunday, September 21st, marks the debut of The Pop Chart at BSR.  It’s a countdown of the week’s forty best pop songs according to Matthew.  And according to you, should you choose to write in and make a point for your favorite songs.  But mostly according to Matthew.

Every week I’ll be posting the countdown here, but you can listen anytime at

Also, every week I’ll be counting down top 10s of other stuff, and that’s where your voice really counts.  Top 10 Pop Hits From New Zealand?  Top 10 Pop Songs With Names of Cities In The Title?  Top 10 Northern Soul Singles? Write in with your votes (single vote or a top 10 of your own) and I’ll count down the songs with the most votes during the Top 40.

This week I thought about doing a fall songs countdown, but then I got totally distracted by the list in Out Magazine of the 100 Greatest Gayest Albums of All Time.  So instead, I’m going to ask you for your favorite gay anthems.  The Village People? Antony And The Johnsons? Maybe something by Morrissey or Grizzly Bear?  I’ll leave the defining up to you, but send me your lists by Friday so I’ll have time to tabulate them.

Next week I’ll be showcasing the Top 10 Pop Songs With Girls’ Names In The Title.  So whether you’re into The Left Banke’s Walk Away Renee, Whitney Houston’s My Name Is Not Susan or even Molly (Sixteen Candles) by Sponge, let me know and then listen for the Top 10 next Sunday.


One response to “The Pop Chart Kicks Off This Sunday

  1. wow!
    Matthew this is great :)
    looking forward to visiting here on a weekly basis
    yes all the way from the land down under!:)

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