The Pop Chart Turns 15! (Sort Of)

I’ve been making The Pop Chart since September, but although I’m just now starting to broadcast the list it’s not my first experience making a weekly pop songs countdown. I’ve actually been doing it on and off since I was seven or so.

Fifteen years ago this month, my seventh-grade self began actually keeping track of my countdowns, posting them all in a spiral-bound notebook, which I overlaid with a ridiculous amount of facts and statistics that could only make sense to someone who was just out of elementary school.

The first countdown in the notebook was for the week of November 17-23, 1993, and it was a top 25. (The length of these countdowns varied quite a bit, from twenty-five to fifty, over the next five years before I got too old for this sort of thing. Or so I thought!) Some notes indicate that I was already making countdowns on a regular basis before this, but I’m not really sure where those might be.

Anyway, for nostalgia’s sake, here’s my 25 favorite songs from the first countdown. Remember, I was twelve.

Rank. Artist, Title (Previous Week)

25. Clint Black, No Time To Kill (21)
24. Inner Circle, Bad To The Bone (16)
23. Mariah Carey, Dream Lover (19) OLDEST SONG ON COUNTDOWN
22. Meat Loaf, I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That) (9) BIGGEST DROP
21. Culture Beat, Mr. Vain (NEW)
20. Bryan Adams, Please Forgive Me (23) [nb: EEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW!!!!]
19. Zhane, Hey Mr. DJ (NEW)
18. Inner Circle, Rock With You (NEW)
17. Belinda Carlisle, Big Scary Animal (12)
16. John Mellencamp, Human Wheels (22)
15. Clive Griffin, Commitment of the Heart (17)
14. Gin Blossoms, Hey Jealousy (7)
13. Lorrie Morgan, Half Enough (15)
12. Garth Brooks, Ain’t Going Down (11)
11. Snoop Dogg, What’s My Name? (NEW)
10. Billy Ray Cyrus, Heart of a Woman (14)
9. Blind Melon, No Rain (5)
8. Lisa Keith, Better Than You (10)
7. 10000 Maniacs, Because The Night (NEW)
6. Toni Braxton, Breathe Again (6)
5. Mariah Carey, Hero (13) GREATEST GAIN
4. Janet Jackson, Again (4)
3. Mr. Big, Wild World (3)
2. Toni Braxton, Another Sad Love Song (2)
1. Ace of Base, All That She Wants (1)

I like that in my world, Billy Ray Cyrus, Inner Circle and Mr. Big were all multi-hit artists.  Also that even as a pubescent boy I knew that Another Sad Love Song was one of the best songs ever.  I also listened to a lot of different radio stations, since it wasn’t like Snoop Dogg and Clive Griffin and Clint Black were sharing airtime anywhere.

This may or may not turn into a feature, where I highlight the new songs I liked from this week fifteen years ago.


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