Fifteen or Sixteen Years Ago

My Top 25 of this week in 1993 included seven debuts:

the cranberries, Linger (#16)
The Lemonheads, Into Your Arms (#17)
Cher featuring Beavis and Butthead, I Got You Babe (#19)
Xscape, Just Kickin’ It (#20)
Gin Blossoms, Found Out About You (#21)
Queen Latifah, UNITY (#22)
Haddaway, What Is Love (#23)

Ace of Base was still #1. On the back page of this chart I had also listed my top 5 songs of that week in 1992:

5. Shanice, Saving Forever For You (6)
4. Mary J Blige, Real Love (2)
3. Arrested Development, Mr. Wendal (3)
2. En Vogue, Free Your Mind (1)
1. Don Henley and Patti Smyth, Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough (4)

Which, I think, is still a really good top five. Also, I think, the only Don Henley song I don’t hate hearing.


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