Numbers and Materials

I’d like some help with the forthcoming season of The Pop Chart. If you make music, here’s what you can do:

Every week–well, except for when it’s winter break–I count down the 40 best pop hits on The Pop Chart. But even if you’re not the sort of band that releases pop singles, you can still be on the show. Here’s how:

I’m looking for people to record song intros for me. Remember how Casey Kasen used to always have those voices that said things like “Number Forty!” and “Number Twenty-three!” and “Number sixteen!” (for example)

Well, I’m looking for people to record those. Here’s what you do:

1. Send me an mp3, 10 seconds or less, of you saying a number between 1 and 40. You must ONLY say “Number [and then the number].” Variations are acceptable (ie. “Number seven, number seven,” “Num-num-number seven-even-even.”) But you can’t use any words besides the word “number” and then whatever number you’re saying.

2. Numbers can be in any musical style, from spoken to speedcore. Reciting numbers over the instrumental bits from your favorite disco/New Jack swing songs is fine, too, but remember that it must be under 10 seconds total.

3. Your name will appear on the Pop Chart Blog and you will be officially recognized as Awesome by the pop-loving community.

4. I’ve posted a handy list of the numbers from 1-40 (see here). As I get numbers in I’ll mark them down on the list, so I don’t get twelve entries for #36 and none for anything else (for instance.)

5. Tell your friends to send me entries, too, especially if your friends are talented and/or pretty.

6. This will be ongoing, so if somebody else wants to do a new version of your number, and it’s better than yours, then yours will be replaced. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make a new one.

7. This shouldn’t take you any more than five to seven minutes to record, including multiple takes and a beer break. Please, please, please, don’t spend any more time than that on this, unless you want to record multiple numbers (which is also fine, but if you do try to spread them out a bit, ie. #4 and #33 is better than #4 and #5.)

Numbers should be sent to


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