This Week In 1994

The Pop Chart returns two weeks from today. In the meantime, here’s my Top 25 from this week in 1994. [FYI: I was twelve then.]  Two–nay, three–of the decade’s most insufferably drecky ballads are on this list, as well as a number of duets from hell, a Hi-Five song that came out three years after I Like The Way (The Kissing Game), a song from the Cool Runnings soundtrack, lots of old people, and the ungodly trifecta of terror that was Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart and Sting ALL ON THE SAME HEINOUS SONG.

There’s three songs on this list I have no recollection of whatsoever, so some Youtubery is in order. Also, for the record I still like, I don’t know, maybe ten of these songs at most.  And I just learned that the Gin Blossoms’ death story might not even be this countdown’s most tragic; Tony Thompson, the singer from Hi-Five, died a couple of years agohuffing freon.  Which is possibly the least glamorous way to go I can think of.

Rank. Artist, Title (Previous Week, Weeks On Chart)

25. Bruce Springsteen, Streets of Philadelphia (NEW)
24. Inner Circle, Rock With You (19, 8)
23. Elton John and RuPaul, Don’t Go Breaking My Heart (25, 2)
22. Mariah Carey, Hero (12, 11)
21. Tevin Campbell, Can We Talk (22, 2)

20. Joshua Kadison, Jessie (14, 6)
19. Dina Carroll, Don’t Be A Stranger (21, 2)
18. Don Henley, Rockin’ The Boat (NEW) [nb: This song doesn’t seem to exist in video form on the internet, not even in cheesy General Hospital tribute form!]
17. Toni Braxton, Breathe Again (9, 8)
16. Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart & Sting, All For Love (17, 5) [nb: Not even for thoroughness’ sake can I bring myself to inflict this video upon you.  Sorry!]

15. Celine Dion, The Power of Love (20, 2)
14. Weird Al Yankovic, Bedrock Anthem (8, 4)
13. Frank Sinatra & Bono, I’ve Got You (Under My Skin) (16, 2)
12. DRS, Gangsta Lean (15, 3)
11. Hi-5, Never Shoulda Let You Go (13, 3)

10. Snoop Dogg, Who Am I (What’s My Name) (10, 8)
9. Ace of Base, All That She Wants (3, 16)
8. Faith Hill, Wild One (NEW)
7. Us3, Cantaloop (11, 5)
6. Jimmy Cliff, I Can See Clearly Now (7, 6)

5. 10000 Maniacs, Because The Night (4, 8)
4. Belly, Gepetto (5, 6)
3. The Cranberries, Linger (1, 7)
2. UB40, Higher Ground (6, 4)
1. Gin Blossoms, Found Out About You (2, 7)


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