This Week In 1994

My top 40 from this week in 1994. I count five songs that I have no recollection of; a lot of the country ones had memorable choruses, and a couple I might be able to sing my whole way through. And, of course, #1 has the most singalong-able chorus ever :

1. Enigma, Return To Innocence (1)
2. Ace of Base, Don’t Turn Around (3)
3. Mariah Carey, Anytime You Need A Friend (6)
4. Gin Blossoms, Until I Fall Away (4)
5. Arrested Development, Ease My Mind (10)
6. Pam Tillis, Spilled Perfume (2)
7. Smashing Pumpkins, Disarm (7)
8. Janet Jackson, Anytime Anyplace (16)
9. Aerosmith, Crazy (11)
10. the cranberries, Dreams (5)

11. Alice In Chains, No Excuses (9)
12. Maverick Choir, Amazing Grace (29) (!!)
13. Nate Dogg & Warren G, Regulate (11)
14. Melissa Etheridge, Come To My Window (8)
15. Sheryl Crow, Leaving Las Vegas (25)
16. Counting Crows, Round Here (21)
17. Domino, Sweet Potato Pie (19)
18. Celine Dion, Misled (17)
19. Garth Brooks, One Night A Day (24)
20. Faith Hill, But I Will (26)

21. Kathy Mattea, Walking Away A Winner (31)
22. Counting Crows, Mr Jones (14)
23. Billy Joel, Lullabye (12)
24. Clint Black, Good Run Of Bad Luck (35)
25. Patty Loveless, How Can I Help You To Say Goodbye (33)
26. Bonnie Raitt, Love Sneaking Up On You (15)
27. Wynonna, Rock Bottom (20)
28. BC-52’s, Meet The Flintstones (36)
29. Gabrielle, I Wish (23)
30. Toni Braxton, You Mean The World To Me (18)

31. Elton John, Can You Feel The Love Tonight (38)
32. Bon Jovi, Good Guys Don’t Always Wear White (NEW)
33. Morrissey, The More You Ignore Me The Closer I Get (22)
34. Spin Doctors, Cleopatra’s Cat (NEW)
35. Aaron Neville, I Owe You One (28)
36. Garth Brooks, Standing Outside The Fire (30)
37. Lisa Loeb & 9 Stories, Stay (NEW)
38. Brand New Heavies, Dream On Dreamer (27)
39. John Mellencamp, Wild Nights (NEW)
40. Faith Hill, Piece of My Heart (35)


One response to “This Week In 1994

  1. good list, but until now i’m still curious about pop song i heard at june 1994, i forget about the title but i still remember the video clip, in the video clip there are princess and ancient giant from japan myth at the snowy land. some lyrics i still remember is”…homely” or something. maybe you know the title of the song?

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